The start function allows to take off the files in a specific IP address and port.


The start function takes three parameters.

  • host: IP address where the process will listen, you can use the ipv4 protocol such as ipv6, it is specified with a string

  • port: the port number where the process will listen, it is indicated with an integer number.

  • verbose: allows you to view the events processed by the process in real time, indicated with a boolean value

The default values that the function receives are:

start( host = "", port = 8086, verbose = false)

By default, when executing the process, it will only use one processor core. If you want to improve performance you can use a load balancer like NGINX, here you can find an example.


To enable TLS / HTTPS the sslconfig parameter is used, which receives the https certificate files.

If you want to generate HTTPS certificate for localhost domains, you can follow the following tutorial.

using MbedTLS

start( sslconfig= MbedTLS.SSLConfig("localhost.crt", "localhost.key") )

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