Body parser

The data sent sent in the body of a request of a client, can be processed previously.


If you want to format the data sent in the body by the client to an endpoint, to be used in a certain format within the body of the function that processes said request, you should only use the formats dictionary.

To this dictionary, the value of the Content-Type of the sent data will be added as a key and it will be associated with a custom method, which must necessarily receive a string and return a single value, which will be the data already processed.

function tojson(data::String)
   return JSON.parse(data)

formats["application/json"] = tojson

Once this is done, when the server is executed, the data with the respective Content-Type specified previously will be processed by the custom function and sent to the function associated with the determined endpoind.

Post("/data", (request,HTTP)-> begin

          , HTTP.mkheaders(["Content-Type" => "text/plain"])
          , body=string("I did something! ", request.body["query"]))


POST /data


Request Body

"I did something! text"

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